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Stag Do, survived

Some of the pictures are being shared and I've uploaded them ... no naughty ones.
More to come ... no naughty ones (I would be killed).

The Stag Do involved 4 days, 8 blokes, plane trips into Edingburgh from 4 countries, many many pints, whiskies, Haggis, boobs (mine, mostly), a naughty Stag Do word, illness, shooting, driving (on roads and off), rugby stadia, tiredness, pictures, kayaking, reading, climbing, almost car crashes and one heck of a lot of fun.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone at wedding in Stockholm in 2 weeks.

In the meantime the Riversdale's are off to Saundersfoot for a 2 day mid-week break.

Further news to come after that as Plan B is being put into action and the Riversdale's are very excited.