Plan B ... see you in Aotearoa mid-October

Weeeeeelllll, the grand adventure has had to change tack due to some navigational errors, rocks in the way and sticking to our plan.

The problem is "family". Not they are the problem per se but that they are the reason we are here and without a job around the immediate area we're just not gonna get to see them. And that hasn't happened and more to the point the majority of the jobs I am seeing (and up for interview ranging from £45k to £55k) that I can do are London/SE based. A few in Bristol and Cardiff which we initially thought would be close enough but really, it isn't.

And so, we're now on a 3 month holiday.

And for those here in the UK that had already expressed the idea of the through that we might possibly make it the whole 18 months ... we want a cut of the sweepstake :-)

It's not worked out as we had thought BUT it is working out exactly as we hoped. Let me explain. We came over for family and for Jack and Meg to bond with the grandparents, meet the friends (haven't got onto that enough yet) and to have a touch of Welsh/British-ness put into them. Whilst we had a vision of 18 months and doing it slowly we now realise that a concentrated 3 month stint is gonne more than make up for it, in fact, it'll be better - not the odd weekend with Nanna and Grandad but 3 whole months with them.

So, life for the past week was spend coming to the conclusion, a 2 day jaunt to Saundersfoot (pictures uploaded here and here - loads of fun) and chilling out as we fight the KiwiBank and our credit card to pay for the tickets home.

Flickr: DSCF0031 Flickr: DSCF0011 Flickr: DSCF0066

We fly out on 12th October arriving in Christchurch for 16th (I think, sometime). I'll spend a week getting over the jet lack and then shoot straight up to Wellington to get a job (*sheesh*), a house and a fridge.

Then we're not moving for bloody ages.

In the meantime we have the wedding to totally enjoy (flying out Wednesday for the Saturday event) and then we're gonna concetrate on seeing and spending time with the old mates (they're all on their 2 week annual family holiday). Hopefully we'll get to house sit for a mate in Hertford and then we can do the London thing (can't wait for Hamleys :-). After that, spend some time wth 2 mates from Wellington that are over and then pack ... again!


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