Interesting: Crinkle Crankle Walls

As you know I use Feedly to subscribe to the info places that tickle, amuse, educate, and intrigue me ... yes, one can get the info without having a "friend" sharing it.

The vast majority of stuff that I see is of mild interest, some makes my brain ping, and a miniscule amount I share out.

Here's one that is just interesting, it won't change everything you know about the world, it's unlikely to have taking up arms and choosing which side you're on, it's just interesting.

"What, but you're "friend sharing it" didn't you imply, not a mere NN [note: count words and update "NN"] words ago, that that is awful???!" ... yes, well, ok, but ...

I share them here via a number of Feedly boards, simple as that - listed on my Reading page:
  • Aotearoa NZ - All things related to Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Creative - Photography and creative articles worth sharing
  • Funnies - Things that make me smile
  • Interesting - Articles for the mind and soul
  • Video - I suspect are well worth a watch by you


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