Knees and Skinny Legs

I've always had knobbly knees, a thing of beauty to someone but I can't remember who, and there's a stack of great thighs and amazing calves photos.

But, 55.

It was a around 2019, maybe 2020, that I thought, "Hmmm, I think I have old man legs." I let it stand for a while and then started to raise it with mates, responses included:

"Um, yeah, maybe Mike."

"Oh, um, I like your top, is that new?"

"Ha ha ha ha, yeah, I'm the same, stringy is the word I'd use."

"Yup [sigh]"

So, here I am, good feet and in fact the weird little toe, as posted about back in 2005, is now just back to being a normal toe, that's a surprise and makes me think I was wearing the wrong type of shoes for decades.

Ankles, classy. Tattoo is flying still.

Calves, not too bad, could do with some strength. My 2023 mission is to walk, a lot, and I can imagine they will become calves of steel.

Ok, so, thighs, this is my biggest shrinkage (behave yourselves!). My thighs were, pre-2019(ish), large. Just naturally muscled and shaped gloriously. And then, they aren't, they never will be, ever again. If I exercise they're gonna get strong, lithe, stringy, skinny..

No matter what I do, them thighs aren't coming back to the glory days.

Onwards and upwards, bum. Still fine, I think, the compliments keep coming and it doesn't feel any worse than I remember. tbh, I'm not sure I remember what it felt like, sort of like a bum. Not massive, not teeny, not floppy, I dunno it's just a bum.

Hips, lost to the stomach.

The middle area. The spare tyre. The laaarge area, the bit that has expanded over an equally expanded time. It's been a growing in front of me, I've thought, "Hmmm, maybe less beer", or even, "Let's do a marathon".

It's there. It can go.

My back, I think it's bowed more.

My shoulders are broad, they are strong and good, maybe a little hunched from my youthful desire of not wanting to stand out as a tall person.

Psychologically they are the best thing I have - which is a change from how I saw them in 2005.

Arms, they hang my hands just grand, the hands are ok, the bit above where the watch is on: wrist to elbow, forearm! Not too shabby.

Upper arm, it's the place for tattoos, well one on me. I've never had strong upper arms and can't hammer things into walls with one powerful bash, it's what it is and when you type for a living or move a mouse around they were never gonna become Arnie size.

Only the neck and head to go.

Hmmm, neck. I have a funny old relationship with the neck. When I was young it was as wide as it should be but seemed very long, maybe out of proportion. I also think it was fine and that during the weird teenage growth spurt years it shot up a little out of timing with the rest of me. Kids can be cruel eh, it was noticed and mentioned, a lot.

You know what, I don't think I've ever had an overly long neck.

Nowadays my neck is broad, way way too broad. It also harbour the floppy 'extra' chin, which isn't extra, just baggy part of the neck. Like the tummy area this is on the 2023 hit list.

Head arena. Teeth are extra crooked, I suspect over the years they move and seem to be fighting for space in an ever decreasing playground. For years and years my weird teeth have never bothered me, never crossed my mind, that is changing and I am becoming more aware of them, the reaction others have to them, and if I won the Lotto I know what the money would be spent on.

Beard, comes and goes. Currently gone but I'm gonna leave it for the holidays so it'll be back. The head hair is the same, yesterday I got rid of the ever tightening and prolific curls with a $25 number two all over. Oh, colour, mostly grey but not enough for me, I love the white/grey colour that hair goes and can't wait for it to be a silvery as it can get.

Ears, definitely not working as efficiently as they used to but mostly fine and dandy, the odd hair oops up now and again, a situation I expect to increase over the years and I am curious to see where this goes.

Same for the nose.

Lips, kissable.

My eyes need help for close work, I can't really read a work screen or do stuff (like this) on my phone without assistance from glasses that magnify. Of course the default font size is always one step up from 'default' on all my machines.

Inside it all seems fine. I get an annual(ish) checkup and, apart from "stop smoking" for those times I am in-between quitting, the results always come back positive.

Oh, one last note. In the past year or so I've noticed it takes way longer to dry the backs of my thighs post shower, anyone else?


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