Dean Spanley - What A Brilliant Film

Liz and I were in the rare (but to become common) situation of having an evening away from the Miramar estate as a new babysitter looked after the kids (and a mighty fine she did, she is heaven sent).

So what to do? Neither of us up for our normal "hit the bars and play last man standing". A film, sounds nice but what? Google the local theatres and there's nowt really to interest both of us ... BOTH, that's the operative word.

Dean Spanley sounded quirky but ... and then Liz had an idea, let's go to Empire Cinema at Island Bay and luxuriate in the large chairs with a wine and the film being shown didn't really matter.

And so we did.

And the film, Dean Spanley, was an absolute joy.
Funny with Peter O'Toole delivering some of the finest one-liners ever.
Quirky with ... well, the whole story.
Story-centric with a fantastic plot/purpose that made ya think.
Actor POV - the 3 main actors are in top notch form delivering on all levels. The supporting actors bring just the right amount of gravitas.

Overall, it was a perfect ending to our Wedding Anniversary.


  1. yous wife is on to it dude. Most films are rubbish so you just go where the seats are good and they sell alcohol,drugs and sweets and when it get boring you drift off and think about the girl sitting in front of you, except on your wedding anniversary of course and like do you have any photo of the baby sitter.

  2. Alina Gordelli: A voice from London:
    beautiful film, great performances from Jeremy Northam, Peter O’Toole, Sam Neill and Bryan Brown! A real jewel in a thriller-oriented market.

  3. Nice! My cousin was one of the producers for the movie and says it's one of the best he's done yet. Apparently he and the director were very well in sync. I'm quite looking forward to seeing it!


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