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My Dreams May Be Coming True

Ok, not those dreams which are an altogether different post.

This is one of my geek dreams that I've had for YEARS!
Waaay back in April 2006 I posted this:
The one major issue I have with life online at the mo' (apart from the ongoing time it takes to migrate everything up - but once it's done that's it forever) is the lack of sharing of contacts. I have my contacts (people, email addresses etc etc) in Gmail as it's where I use it the most BUT I could also use it in Writely (who can edit a document) and 30 Boxes (invites to calendar stuff). There's no (as far as I can tell) way of having a 3rd party place for people that can be used be all other services. A pain that only Import/Export seems to be able to sort out.

I thought we were getting there in May 2007 Shared Contacts - Google (who else) may scratch my last online itch

But finally there is this: Google Implements New Open Standard for Friends Lists
Called Portable Contacts, the technical spec offers a standard, interoperable way for social networks to serve up your friends lists to anyone you give permission to access them. This should allow application developers to innovate on top of your social connections much more efficiently.

Yaaaay, I'll be able to share my contacts between apps - one source of thruth, one place to stick the email addresses and phone numbers, ONE PLACE!!!

Of course all this is vapourware at the mo' ... please, please, please make this happen geek-world