Shopping Advice Required - WiFi Goodies

Hi everyone,
I'm looking to buy two WiFi'ed up items and would love all/any advice, pointers, reviews, advice - leave a comment

WiFi Flickr-ready Picture Frame
Want to be able to select set / tags / timeframe of photos from my Flickr stream and have them appear on a good quality picture frame that cycles through once a day (or quicker, options are good).

WiFi Speakers for Windows Vista (7?) / Ubuntu
Have Amarok (Ubuntu) and iTunes (Windows) both accessing all our music ever - be awesome if we can plug in something into "the beast" and blast out the sounds around the house.

Thanks everyone for your helpful comments


  1. oooops....was still signed into Google as KNS PTA....don't worry they have no intention of purchasing such a picture frame...can you delete previous comment please....

  2. Wifi Speakers -- more perhaps than you want, but the Squeezebox Boom is awesome. XPcomputers have them for NZ$300+GST ($150 less than the compeition?!?) although as always pricespy is your friend.

    Anxiously waiting for mine...

  3. I suggest to have a look at PriceMe for Wifi.
    Its home audio section has a lot of products from NZ shops:

  4. Do you have a stereo or stereos with Aux inputs or do you need the speakers and the works?
    If you already have a stereo, there are a number of streaming boxes that just function as a source. I have a Roku soundbridge, now discontinued but there are others. If you need speakers as well, depending on oomph i agree with the squeezebox.

  5. On the picture frame front I think we are all still waiting for a nice one as your describe. There has been a dialup "give this frame to your grandmother" one in the US that wasn't great, but no modern equiv. with Wifi and RSS integration.

    I have seen an expensive Kodak model with Wifi, but more research is required. Try the Amazon reviews?

    The nicest option I've seen for a proper intelligent photo frame is a Chumby, but the screen is too small and (still) not available easily for NZ.

  6. Thank you all for that - think my dream is still a year or so away from being delivered.


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