fushnchups.co.nz - Brilliant

Ha ha ha ha, I love the effort someone is going to with this blog: http://fushnchups.co.nz, "A guide for Australians to living and working in New Zealand."

This sample post, You forgot the hops, bro., has 23 comments and rising with my personal favourite being the erudite yet playful:
Cathy (March 24th, 2009 at 6:10 pm) - Get fucked, NZ is the best!

Fantastic, that's put the ball fairly and squarely back in their court, *sigh*
(BTW: some of the other comments are pretty icky - dickheads on both sides)

The blog is actually quite fair and is getting press because, well ... I dunno, why is it getting press? Probably because it was a quiet day at TVNZ which seems to be a standard office day for that lot.

I like this young tyke of a blog and there's nothing like having a tease with the locals eh :-)

Anyway, have at it fellow Kiwis ;-)


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