Bad Space Comics

Scott Base* is a local comic artist and writer and I love his (I assume, coz "Scott") work and once I get back into my old Patreon account I am definitely popping a couple of bucks a month their way. Bad Space ( is the website to go to, I also subscribe and get the latest delivered straight to me, love it when the machines do the work.

Scott Bases says:

Love comics. Love science. Less fond of the rich maggots killing our planet. Based in Wellington, New Zealand. If you want to support my work, throw a couple of bucks at me on Patreon or buy my prints on Redbubble.

Here's the strip, Empires Of Light, that introduced me to the work - they are always 10 panels, no more, no less.

* great name, can't believe for a second it's real, but great name


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