John Bercow's Absolute Power podcast

John Bercow, the ex-Speaker of The House Of Commons in the UK Parliament and famous for his particular intonation of, "Ooorrrdddeeeeeehhhrr" has joined up with Deborah Frances-White, the comedian, author, screenwriter and host of the wildly successful The Guilty Feminist podcast*, to outline how the 'corridors of power' actually work.
John Bercow's Absolute Power podcast
John Bercow's Absolute Power podcast, week by week, takes a particular facet of Parliament and UK Government, outlines what the component of parliamentary democracy does before discussing what power it truly holds. At the time of writing they have had awesome 30(ish) minute discussions upon:
  • Statutory Instruments
  • Backbenchers
  • The Treasury and the Chancellor
  • Private Members Bills
  • SPADs and Spin Doctors
  • The Whips
  • The Prime Minister
  • The Speaker
Whether you hold with his or her politics won't make any difference to the information you will gain, which might actually come in useful if you ever find yourself with the need to try and make a difference. AND, Deborah will always butt in and ask the question you were thinking of, always makes me happy.

* Back in the day I ran a podcast, Access Granted NZ, and a fellow co-host, Viv Chandra, was recently on The Guilty Feminist, so so cool.


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