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"My Favourite Year" movie

Finally, I own this little slice of classic movie making, My Favourite Year.
Comedy with Alan Swann as the movie idol with a fondness for drink,whose forthcoming appearance on a live TV show sparks nervousness among the TV executives.
Peter O'Toole is magnificent, channeling not only colleagues (Errol Flynn!!) but a certain joie de vivre from his own life.

The whole feel of the movie is 1954 even though it was filmed and released in 1982. It captures a certain Jewish comedy that I associate with Woody Allen in his early days, with Mel Brooks, and Sid Ceasar.

But is it based on real life, a bit yes, bit no, and a bit who knows. Check out the movies Wikipedia section, "Relationship to real life", which is replete with [citation required] :)

I love it, and I am so glad I now have it and can watch it to my heart's content.