You Are In Control, Manage Your Socials

Consider who's voices you let into your life. Those voices can be positive, challenging, or even grating and you will, with a moment's thought, know the intent behind them.

When the intent is to help someone else gain power I am very very wary.

When others amplify that intent, give it oxygen, I have little time for the messenger but even less still for the message.

When the messenger has been duped to pass on the message I get annoyed.

A while ago I mentioned that I am no-ones footsoldier meaning, amongst much more, that I am not here to pass on others intent that I don't hold truck with. Sharing, retweeting messages is an obvious no.

Talking about those messages is also a no. The message is NOT to be passed on even I do want to say, "Hey all, look at this eejit and what he's saying", or, "Fuck, what a fucking evil witch she is by saying this thing" as the intent of the message I am repeating is not one I hold any truck with. 

Nope, not passing on their message. Not my job, not their foot soldier.

Here in Aotearoa New Zealand the National party and it's new 'leadership' has taken on a Trumpian approach to politics and all that entails. 

Muting the names of their two most public leaders has made a MASSIVE difference to my Twitter timeline. Seriously, just two names muted and I no longer see any people being their foot soldiers passing on their message and servicing their intent. It's a delight.
Of course I am still informed of their bollocks in news reports and other such time-boxed means. However these mostly come along with journalistic interpretations and even refudiation - it's not just passing on the message and meeting their intent. Mostly.

Don't be a footsoldier for those you don't believe in. It's the least you can do.
Ducks arse - you know who you are


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