The Problem Today Is Obvious, It's Me!

The divide between the armies is where I live. 

Pick your battle to discover which armies you most closely align with and down in the divide you'll find me.

The armies that have me rushing to the defence are normally in the realm of politics, the left vs right, or more correctly to my mind, those that chant individualism against community. For most this battle (that I never signed up to as per most soldiers) has me painted with the colours of the "liberal left". I carry the shield of the "socialist". I march under the red flag of the Labour Party, or I dance to the tunes of those that wish to chain us with shackles of environmentalism.

I don't really.

I happily live in the valley between the army filled mountains daily endeavouring to avoid the bullets and certainly ignore the shouts of either army to, "Come join us!" or the the more insidious whisperings of those sent down to the valley to convince us to join up and fight.

Sounds weak doesn't it? God man, take a bloody stand for something, be fucking proud of yourself and pick a side. As I say, indisuous are those that will whisper or even scream this at me.

In my little way I try NOT to join in the fighting, I endeavour to be a good person, and to show kindness and care. This is by no means easy, I can easily lose myself to the wobbly brain, to the moment, and like all of us I am a seething mass of emotions built upon years of events, incidences, habits, and views. Sometimes I attack, I bash reply and send a 'clever' tweet, I turn around and tell that person behind me to, "Fuck off!", and I most certainly do retreat into myself when attacked instead of standing strong for who I know myself to me. These times are hard to reflect upon, but I must also be kind to myself and show care whilst attempting to undo the things done.

I will not be drawn into battle, especially when it is someone else's battle - I am no footsoldier.

Stephen Fry has a new podcast, 7 Deadly Sins, and of course he elucidates this far better than I - for a start he uses some amazing swear phrases that even only I could've conjured up.

It doesn't matter who you are, what army you may find yourself in, or that you don't believe you're in any particular army (who really does), I ask you listen to his introduction podcast, especially the first section.


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