Elizabeth Warren Should Be The Next US President

It's Donald versus one of these ...

Now, I don't wish to cast aspersions, but does everyone look the same apart from Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren)?

Of course it's not just about not being a pale, stale, male even though that would be a massive breath of fresh air for the whole world. No, there's also the thinking that comes with Elizabeth Warren and, from what I've read from all the way over here in New Zealand, it's been all good stuff.

However The Guardian, from whence this photo comes from, opens it's article with
Biden is too gaffe-prone; Sanders and Warren are too far left; Buttigieg, too young. But which one is capable of beating Trump?
"too far left"!? Fuck me sideways with a political handbook, if Elizabeth Warren is "too far left" for Americans they haven't read much history, travelled anywhere in the world, or understand the concept of kindness.

Hey, it's the USA, a different culture, different history, different everything to what I'm used to so I know as much about it as I do say, Bolivia, Finland, or Narnia.

"But which one is capable of beating Trump?" ... fuck me number two, a day old ham sandwich, without pickle, should be able to beat Trump.


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