Six rules for the woman voter

A 1923 archive article from The Guardian still seems very valid for today's voters, no matter your gender.
5. She should put aside all trivial personalities and the petty slanders and insinuations that grow rankly each election-time. Her vote is to be given to the man or woman whose policy seems to her the most sound and constructive, and the elected candidate will stand in Parliament for the opinions of herself and of the community in which she lives.
In the US and the UK this is very difficult to do as old style media (TV, radio, newspapers) and social media is almost entirely made up of "trivial personalities", and thrives upon, "petty slanders and insinuations". New Zealand is on the cusp, especially with the National Party using the Republican / Conservative / Liberal playbook of division, we see you Judith Collins.

Of course, the 1923 article points out that we should remember why one is voting. This seems to me be lost in those that are older and whose children can "fend for themselves" and it feels like my peers are growing more selfish about what they want as "the kids no longer being their problem". This way leads to a world of pain, eh Boomer?
6. As she goes to the polling station she will not forget that on the issues of to-day depend the future welfare of her children. A vote is quickly given, but its influence may be very long felt.


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