Cute Or Terrifying

On the face of it this handwritten note on the neighbours window is cute and funny. Pop some movie horror music on it, add a little backstory, and this becomes a terrifying note just before the killings begin again!

CLOSING DOWN: After 20th December The Taste Can Only Ever Be A Memory

Friday 20th December sees Lady Lucks Pies, the finest pie shop in Wellington nay the whole of New Zealand, closing their oven doors for the final time. I urge you all to get along and taste what you're gonna remember for the rest of your born days. AND, you can buy frozen pies to eek out the taste memories for as long as you can!

The loss of Lady Luck is a sad time but don't forget the best f&c isn't far way at Souvlaki At Acropolis (yes, you might recognise that name, especially if you visit them at Press Hall on Willis Street in the Wellington CBD).