Mushroom Spam, Quite ... Weird Actually

In the world of spam I have encountered money making spam, classic spam, dumb spam, spam that's just naughty and I now have spam that is weird. So weird that I am still questioning quite if it actually spam as I do love a mushroom but, seeing as the 'To' was full of email addresses, I am pretty darned sure it is really ... but the again a quick search reveals validating (ish) results.

Read on ...

Subject: INVITED TO MUSHROOM MELA (Mushroom Festival) ON 10th Sept.,2010 AT DMR, SOLAN

Dear Sir/ Madam,


Mushroom Mela

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The mushroom mela was started in the year 1997. It was started on experimental level but now it has been recoganised by farming community. On seeing the response of farmers/mushroom growers, the DMR has considered it as a regular extension activity and it has taken shape of national mushroom mela as it is being attended by the participants across the country.

DMR, Solan organises Mushroom Mela on 10th September, every year, the day on which Solan was declared as Mushroom City of India. It is first of its kind in India and gaining popularity day by day. Every year a large number of farmers, mushroom growers, mushrooms industry people and extension workers participate in this event.

The sale of mushroom spawn/culture, horticultural and agricultural implements, horticultural products, technical literature, improved seeds of vegetables etc. is the other added attractions of this Mela. Although this Mela is primarily on mushrooms, however Institutions and Departments related to agriculture, horticulture, finance and some reputed NGOs also exhibit their technologies and provide on-the-spot information, consultancy, etc. A demonstration on latest innovations / technologies developed is also depicted to the farmers.

Exhibition & Stall
You are welcome to exhibit your products in mushroom mela. For stall inquiry please contact:
Dr. V. P. Sharma : 094183-nnnnn
Sh. Mahantesh Shirur : 098050-nnnnn

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With Best Regards,
DMR Team

Be aware that whilst I have left the URL ("website") in I haven't turned it into a link or a good reason - I've not visited it and would not be surprised to hear stories of naughty pictures, installed viruses and any manner of computer shenanigans to all that venture there.

Or, it's a site about mushrooms.


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