NZ Steampunk Exhibition 2010 - Open For Exhibts

Did you even know there was an NZ Steampunk Exhibition? Well I did, and it's held down in the fine Southern town of Oamaru and is run the The League Of Victorian Imagineers.

So, the exhibition is open now to all those that would love to show off their steampunk-ness. You'll need to jump though a few hoops, firstly by filling in a registration of interest by 3rd September.
The expression of interest document is a basic heads up to us that you are interested in entering an art work. You tell us your contact details, the materials you are using, the size and weight of your art work and questions on how we can help you. You may wish to know details of security and insurance cover.

If you want to enter but are unsure if your artwork fits in the Steampunk category this is the place to ask these questions. Please don't assume that your artwork fits the criteria and leave it until the last minute to find out otherwise. The League of Victorian Imagineers is more then happy to help everyone find the true path to acceptance.
Check out their website to get the form.

The exhibition will be held at The Forrester Gallery, 23rd October to 5th December.

Hmm, I wonder if Lord Cockswain, as our official Miramar representative, will make an appearance in some capacity?
Weta's Lord Cockswain


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