I Miss Spam

Gmail's spam filters are almost flawless and I very rarely receive any spam in my InBox and this is good.
But, now and again something sneaks through that makes me laugh out loud and I hanker for the creative spam days of yore.

This for instance:

SUBJECT: [none]

You have been awarded the sum of E1,625,000.00GBP in the MICROSOFT EMAIL PROMOTION AWARD 2010.Cont Mr Mark Anderson with your names,address,phone and Country to Email: microsft.loto2010@9.cn or call +4470-4573-9535 for moreinformation on this award.

Great eh - it's not only A LOT of money that I've "been awarded" but it comes, simultaneously, in two currencies. Nice. As for the spelling, punctuation and general feel ... not even my Mum would fall for this, who the jolly heck are they aiming it at??

More spam posts for you to giggle at ...


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