It's Rugby Time On The Internet Again

Whilst the football world cup has drained itself of interest form me (wellll, alright, I will get up and see the final) we now get into the real sport, RUGBY!

This weekend sees the All Blacks take on their only real competitors at the moment, the extremely competent and very scary South Africans.

If you're not going to come down to The Green Man (Wellington) this Saturday to enjoy the Alternative Rugby Commentary with Jed in full 3D real life then do not fear you have the streaming over teh interwebs as a brilliant second option:
Jed Thian 09 July at 11:21

Kia Ora to you The Rugby Universe..!

Use the link from 19:00 NZT, you'll hear music, sweet music, then some breaking glass and then loud noises and then...Jedi.

Look forward to your input on the chat window during the game..!



  1. I shall be very cross if they don't win.

    I like the 'boks, but they are a bit rough, aren't they?

  2. I have had my man pass on your message to the manager of the New Zealand XV and they assure me that they intend to, and I quote, "Kick the Boks back to the last century"

    Golly, a game is on!

  3. Thank you. I was away and watched it some time after the event. Can't remember the boys playing better than that. Made up for having made the decision to watch endless hours of 3rd rate football over the past month.
    I trust that all of your children bear the middle name "Muliaina".


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