Fernies Sweetie Shop In Monmouth

Ok, so I do have a downer on Facebook a lot of time (and who wouldn't) but now and again I re-discover an old friendship or even better a group like called Mr Ferneyhough! Your Memory Lives on!

The picture that I have 'alf inched from the group is so evocative of my childhood days in Monmouth that I was instantly transported back to the sounds, smells and weather of those days. I could hear my mates, I could feel the plastic wrapping on the albums in Round 'Ear and most importantly I could remember how much shtick we little sods gave Mr Ferneyhough. Well, to be honest I was a good little boy and was a bit scared about going into the shop when the oiks where in there giving him a hard time ... sods!

To place yourself in the right place The Sweetie Shop (which I didn't know was it's officially name even though that's what I called it) was at 24 Church Street, Monmouth:

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If you're from Monmouth before the 1980's then I urge you to join the many others on the group and have a bloody good reminisce.

Oh, and I've also put out a call on the Flickr: Monmouth (Wales, UK) group to see if anyone can upload either new photos or more importantly, ones taken when it was still The Sweetie Shop ...


  1. Brilliant, that does bring back the memories. I think "The Crumpled Horn" was opposite, Cafe :-)


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