Vote 2020 x 4

It's no secret I shall be #PartyVoteGreen and likely to be Labour Paul Eagle for my Rongotai electorate. I shall also be Yes for both referenda.Now that's that out of the way you should of course ignore it and do what you feel is right.First of all I would urge you to VOTE! Make sure you're enrolled and your details are up-to-date: that, no really I can wait, off you go, check your details ... Ok, good. This year from Wednesday 2nd September (overseas) / Saturday 5th September (in NZ) to 7pm on Saturday 19th September you get to vote on one or more of the following:The makeup of ParliamentParty voteYour local MPCannabis legalisation and control referendumEnd of Life Choice referendumYou can vote via post, look out for your voting papers later this month, or in person at many voting booths around Aotearoa New Zealand.
That's who (YOU!), when, where, how, and I shall assume you know why. If you don't…

In Depth And Highly Scientific Comparison Between Microsoft Windows And Ubuntu

I've always had the impression that Ubuntu (Linux) boots a gazzilion times faster on The Beast* than Microsoft Windows Vista. But does it really?

So, out with the stop watch for a few tests, first up Windows Vista:
  • From dual boot to login: 40 seconds
  • From entering my password and pressing go to Chrome loading my Gmail: 2mins 30secs
  • Logging off: 15 seconds
  • Re-enter password and back to Gmail again: 25 seconds
  • Restart (all the way back to the dual boot): 40 seconds
Hmm, some surprises in there.

Right, next is Ubuntu 10.04:
  • From dual boot to login: 30 seconds
  • From entering my password and pressing go to Chrome loading my Gmail: 1min 5secs
  • Logging off: 5 seconds
  • Re-enter password and back to Gmail again: 11 seconds
  • Restart (all the way back to the dual boot): 16 seconds
Well, it obviously beat Windows Vista in all areas but, to be honest, not by that much to really care.
The initial boot up is almost negligible in human experience terms but I always had the perception that it was slower - interesting.

The biggie though is what happens after you enter your password to log on for the first time.
Vista is massively slow compared to Ubuntu BUT Ubuntu isn't lightening fast either. In fact I think it's got a wee bit slower recently, probably after I've added all the eye candy - it's definitely usable though and doesn't have me swearing at the computer muttering, "Come on, come on, COME ON!"

The biggest surprise was the re-logon. I knew Ubuntu would be great at this but had never noticed it with Vista because I normally boot up, login, sync the iPhone and restart back into Ubuntu. Well done Vista.

And finally shutting the machine down. Well Ubuntu is always the winner, it just does it - click, off. Lahverly.

Now, before you Windows fan boys get your knickers in a twist and claim it's not fair that I'm comparing Vista (an "old" Microsoft operating system) to Ubuntu 10.04 (the very latest). Tough, it's what's on my machine and unless your gonna pay for an upgrade just live with it!

BTW: I rounded up the figures after five goes at it as each time was fairly consistent for both operating systems.

* The Beast = the name we lovingly give to the very large laptop we use as our entertainment / Internet hub back at the ranch