Guilty Upon Accusation In The UK - Say No

Here in New Zealand we were one of the first countries that the forces that be tried to implement the "3 strikes and you're out" law with regards to alleged copyright infringement via the Internet - in essence if you're accused 3 times by a copyright holder of illegally copying their work you will have your Internet disconnected by your ISP. I have no qualms with copyright holders protecting their goods BUT the issue is that the disconnection would occur immediately on the third accusation and before any evidence is produced and way before you have a chance to defend yourself - therefore you are guilty because someone has accused you.

In NZ the law was defeated by a concerted effort (called "#blackout"), a change of government and the support of many high profile supported including Stephen Fry.

Today Stephen Fry tweeted the following:
I'll keep at this till a million sign! We mustn't let Mandy do this WRONG thing. Please sign & RT: #webwar #threestrike

This "3 strikes and you're out" law is now being introduced into Britain.
This is WRONG!

If you are a UK citizen or an expat living abroad I urge you to sign the online petition:

Whilst this law is being introduced into many countries (some successfully, some like NZ not) it would benefit all those concerned to learn more of the source of this "guilty by accusation", the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (which is now plainly not about counterfeiting) being negotiated by governments in secret.


  1. 3 times, wow, so terrible.

    I think many people will say no too.


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