They Were Weirder Back Then

Over the years of this blog I have shared many a weird video, mostly humorous, with some leaving your mouth slightly ajar. This one from 1907 is, as the video title suggests, not just weird but disturbing.

What is going on?

PS: the music is best forgotten as it's been added and totally doesn't fit, watch it in silence ... if you dare.

The original black and white version of the video from which the above was taken, stuffed through algorithms and made to look better (!) and coloured, says:
Silent films owe a great deal to the vaudeville tradition; its short, unrelated stage acts were not only a nearly inexhaustible source for early film content, but also a programming model for nickelodeon theaters. The Dancing Pig was a mind-boggling music hall routine filmed several times for different companies – here, for Pathé Frères in 1907.

"mind-boggling" ... indeed! 


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