Nasty Spam

Over the years I have posted a number of humorous spam emails I've received. With Gmail now filtering away every single one of those I only see them when I clear out the InBox which, tbh, is very very rarely.

Today a piece spam email caught my eye - its subject was made up on just one word, a very VERY old password of mine.

I've long been working on the assumption that my old passwords have been collated and distributed alongside millions of others. In 2019 I spent a week closing old accounts, changing passwords to unique gobbledygook, and ensuring I have them all stored in my password manager. Oh, and for everything I could I turned on 2FA.

You should do the same otherwise you will get some spam like the following and it will do more than intrigue you, you will be in a world of pain even without the mythical video of your web visits.

  1. Delete all old accounts
    (a good but maybe old help: How to delete your accounts from any website: From Amazon to Facebook)

  2. Change all passwords
  3. Enable on two-factor authentication everywhere

Screenshot of spam email


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