What Are You Planning This Evening?

Simple question, what do you think you might do this evening?

It's no surprise that the more actual answers you have the better off you probably are. 
"Better off", also sometimes labelled as "privileged".

When all/most of your money goes on the basics, rent, food, schooling, power, and transport then the options you have to answer that question can be severely limited.

The ability to take full advantage of the "modern society" within which we claim to live is removed.

Let's take Wellington, my hometown, for instance and check out how it currently portrays itself to the its residents and to the wider country / world - https://www.wellingtonnz.com/

A LOT of going out stuff - restaurants, theatre, bars, shopping - you get the picture. 

This talks directly and exclusively to those that have choices, to those that can ponder the question, "What are you planning this evening?", discussing which restaurant to go to, or perhaps thinking of going out to watch a movie, or pop along to a live events as they come back in our Level 1 COVID-19 country.

If you're such a person, as I was until recently, then know that I am not here to denigrate you - top work and well done! Its not about removing choices, it;s about recognising it's not universally available and working how more can answer that simple question with differing answers.

Here's another question for you though - who amongst your friends answers the question with a raised eyebrow, a wistful look, a terse, "Hah, nothing as usual"?

If you have no such friends that answer differently to yourself, why not? 
They are out there, why are they not in your circle?
Roxy Cinema, Miramar (NZ)


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