UK Lessons Learnt

Back when I was more active on Twitter and post my first UK trip back to see Derek, my Dad who now lives with dementia, I popped up a few "lessons learnt" - here's what I collected for a draft post a while ago, who knows if I missed any because all those tweets are now gone.

UK lessons learnt: #1
Love is all 

UK lessons learnt: #2
Always move beyond your boundaries otherwise they will determine who you are. 
Small people live small lives thinking about small things. 

UK lessons learnt: #3
Listen more than talk. 
When the conversation, no matter how 'interesting' is always about one's self then the impact is more than just loosing an audience. 
And listening is not just hearing. 

UK lessons learnt: #4
#Brexit is a subject NOT to be broached. 
Everyone that I (accidentally) did do instantly expressed weariness and that the "all politicians were just in it for themselves", and they "just lie to feather their own beds". 
This from both 'sides'.

UK lessons learnt: #5
It's all about us people and our feelings. 
It seems to me that almost all human behaviour steers us away from truly connecting with those amazing feelings, this holds us back. 
Prepare for more me :) 

UK lessons learnt: #6 [see end of post as well]
If you are gonna hug (and no-one says anyone has to) then make it last at least 20 seconds. 
That's how long it takes for the oxytocin to kick in. Tell them if you need to. 

UK lessons learnt: #7 - lost to the mysteries of time

UK lessons learnt: #8
There is no greater pleasure in life than sitting with a mate, chewing the fat, and making each other laugh. 
Or as a journo also put it, ".. there’s nothing better to spend your money on than friends, memories and moments of throwaway pleasure."  

At the bottom of this draft post was this, related to #6 - I now only give and accept true hugs, ones that are between good open people that I truly treasure in my life. Of course that means I give out a stuff load more handshakes, but that's cool.

A 20-second hug can …
  • increase levels of oxytocin (the love hormone)
  • reduce blood pressure and cortisol (the stress hormone)
  • increase happiness
  • lower stress
  • improve relationships and connection 


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