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Why I Am

This picture is the end of a conversation.

Wind up merchants
The kids were off to Christchurch on their own, and after a series of fog delayed flights, me getting back from Sydney they were dropped off at Wellington airport with the instructions
Let me know when you are through security and in the departure lounge. And then when you're seated on the plane
I get a message from Jack
I'm through security but Meg has been taken off by the guards because she had a pair of scissors in her bag. We board in 5, I don't know where she is.
What the fuck!!
Jack, tell me more, what's happening. Find her!
I text Meg, "Where are you?"

She replies
I'm in a room, all good, but I might miss the plane

Then I received the photo.
They were winding me up.

I ♥️ my kids because they did this. It is so them, and makes me so proud of them.

They arrived on time and safe and sound. Of course.