This was a most excellent email from one for the kid's schools - passing in for everyone.

[tl;dr] Get everyone, including yourself, vaccinated. Don't pass it on if you contract Measles.
Dear Parents and Caregivers
Over the past few weeks the news has highlighted the rising number of cases of Measles in the Auckland area. As a school, we are following this closely. With holidays approaching and the likelihood of travel increasing, the risk of the virus spreading beyond Auckland also grows. Measles is a virus which spreads quickly and can result in complications requiring hospitalisation and, in the worst instances, death. 
Immunisation provides the best protection against Measles. The vaccine is free of charge and can be arranged through your GP. If your student has completed the standard vaccination schedule with vaccinations at 15 months and 4 years they will not need vaccination. If you are unsure whether your student has received the vaccine, you can check their Plunket or Well Child / Tamariki Ora book or check with your GP.
Measles is highly infectious. If you think that your student may have Measles symptoms it is important that they are kept isolated at home until they have been given the all clear and it is confirmed that they are not infectious.
Someone who has Measles, is infectious for five days before the rash appears and for five days once the rash appears. Initial symptoms, including a fever, cough, runny nose, sore and watery eyes, usually start to appear 10-14 days after exposure. The rash, which tends to start on the face before moving over the head and body, usually appears 3-7 days after initial symptoms.
With this in mind you will appreciate that once Measles is in a community it can spread rapidly. We are encouraging our staff to be vaccinated and encourage you to consider vaccination for yourselves and your students.
If you have any further questions please visit  which is being updated on a regular basis by the Regional Health Board.


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