Dry July - I'm Up For That in 2017 But Can YOU Help The Cancer Peeps

There are some that have never drunk any alcohol, I am not one those people. There are others in my life that have decided to not drink alcohol for the foreseeable future, they are personal heroes, but I am also not one of those. There are those around my life that struggle with alcohol and the power it has over them, luckily I am also not one of those people.

I am, however, what you would call a "heavy drinker".
And to contemplate never having a drunk is, as I write this, a prospect that fills me with a tiny sense of dread. It doesn't however scare me as much as it once would have.

And maybe this Dry July will lead me down a different route with a different view - I'll let you know.

So, for July 2017 I'm going to not drink any alcohol at all. That's my choice and you may even be wondering why I'm bothering to tell you .. it's because I'd like you to take my self-centred actions as a moment to help those with Cancer, to raise funds for cancer patients, their families and carers, and help make them a little more comfortable during a difficult time.

Maybe $50 if you can afford it.
If not, how about just $20, that's all (2 pints).
Everything counts.

Make a donation; http://www.dryjuly.co.nz/users/mike-riversdale

Thanks in advance!

Donate to help those with cancer


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