Why Daphne Fairfax Jr

Across the Internet I have two distinct faces, there's the "MiramarMike" one that many see, it's the "Mike Riversdale" from the office, it's me trying to make a difference and it's a curated person that tries not to offend (challenge, yes).

And then there's my other side. Which is not in anyway more real or 'authentic'. It's the side of me that discusses non-work stuff, chats to friends and family, shares photo's of the cat and, from time, cuts lose.

That side of me has a different name, Daphne Fairfax Jr.
But why that name?

One of my heroes is an English comedian named Arthur Smith (@ArfurSmith). He is a man that lives life to the full, is inherently funny, does his own thing and, through what dhe does makes a difference.

And he doesn't give a shit about the small stuff in life.

Daphne Fairfax Jr?
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Arthur Smith unless you're from the Bromley Inland Revenue Department in which case my name is Daphne Fairfax junior"

Best opening line of a gig evah.
And now you know.


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