RetroRWC: A social media history project

I love this from two very clever, passionate and social media savvy chaps based here in New Zealand - Tim and Hadyn

Hi, and welcome to our little social media project, that allows us to have some fun during the upcoming RWC, and share some of stories that make up the community of rugby along the way.
We will collate stories and events from the previous seven RWCs and tweet them at the matching time/point in the tournament. It won’t be a date based recreation, but an event based one.

Read (and share) the full brief in their public doc, "Big Idea"

And where will the stories appear:

Don't forget your free and live iCal rugby calendar covering all the #RWC2015 games ...


  1. ical rugby calendar is great
    just noticed though, South Africa/Ireland is missing


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