Press Release: New competition hopes to spark new generation of film makers

This just in from the fine folks at the Miramar Events Trust - get the word out to all Wellington regional secondary schools!

Media release

New competition hopes to spark new generation of film makers

Miramar’s internationally-recognised film industry is encouraging secondary school students to participate in a new short film competition called Roxy5.

The 5-minute film competition is being hosted by the Miramar Events Trust to coincide with the Documentary Edge Festival in June at the Roxy Cinema and the competition theme is Wellington’s 150th Anniversary.

Roxy5 competition co-founder Jamie Selkirk says the competition is a way to reach out to young film makers as well as support the future growth of the Wellington film industry.

"In the early days, we used super8 cameras and 16mm film which was prohibitively expensive and quite inaccessible for young people. These days, smart phones and go-pro cameras are excellent tools for starting your career in film making.

"Creating a short film is about storytelling and the competition provides opportunities to understand the process of film making, and could lead to a rewarding career.”

An Academy Award winner, Mr Selkirk has worked alongside Sir Peter Jackson since the making of Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles, and Braindead and became a full producer (and editor) on The Frighteners. Mr Selkirk was awarded a Best Editing Academy Award in 2004 for his work on the Lord of the Rings.

Other industry heavyweights are also lending their support to Roxy5 including Sir Richard Taylor, Taika Waititi, Damian McDonnell, Dan Hennah, Ra Vincent, Mike Hedges and Matt Aitken.

Weta Digital’s Visual Effect Supervisor Matt Aitken is excited to see the competition taking flight. “We’re proud to help young kiwi filmmakers find a voice through Roxy5.”

Park Road Post Supervising Senior Re-recording mixer, Mike Hedges, urged competitors to “never forget you are one of a kind, unique, so dream big and amaze the world”.

Competitors must submit entries by Friday 1 May, to be judged by a panel of professionals from the Wellington film and media industries, with the winner announced in June. Short films of all genres and production techniques will be considered, including animation, documentary, drama, experimental or artist film and hybrid work.

A cash prize of $5,000 for the winning team’s school is up for grabs, plus a guided tour of Miramar’s film-making facilities. The top ten entries will be screened in front of a live audience during the prize giving evening on the 3rd of June.

For information and registration details about Roxy5, visit:


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