Get Phone Notifications In Your Browser

WTF? Why the hell would you need to get your phone notifications popping up in your web browser?

What if you phone is in the other room being charged?
What if you leave your phone at home and you're at work?
What if your're phone is at the bottom of your bag?
What if you're lazy?

But you might not have a reason right now but once you use it you will love it!

Use what? +Pushbullet

When your phone (Apple or Android) goes ping with a notification you'll see it on your screen and react accordingly. Text/SMS comes through, there it is. Low power notification, up it pops.

But also, wanna push something to your phone - shopping list, reminders, photos - you can!

And for all you fans of +IFTTT out there it plays very nicely with that ... not using IFTTT, man alive, how do you guys ever get things done without it?


  1. Install it on your phone
  2. Log in
  3. Install the Chrome and/or Firefox extension
  4. Log in


Massive thanks to +Gina Trapani for the heads-up but to +Leo Laporte for convincing me to actually use it ... I love it!


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