What, When, Where and How Of The Roxy Cinema In Miramar - Opens Friday [Updated]

[Updated 30-Apr] Aha, I got the dates wrong and Anna has clarified it for me:
The doors to the Roxy open on Friday 1 April. Coco, the cafe, lounge bar and restaurant will be open for business on this day with the cinema and building  open for the community to come and have a look over those first few days.

The first Roxy cinema screening will be on Thursday 7 April. People will be able to buy tickets for the historic first day of screening from Friday 1 April.

The Roxy Cinema, here in Miramar ("the heart of Wellywood"), is finally opening this coming Friday, 1st April (first actual screening Thursday 7th), and that should make you go, "squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

Our suburb is all a buzz since they put the final touches to the facade and, most importantly, turned on the large neon sign (check out Robert Catto's photo).

So here's everything you need to know about the Roxy Cinema:

And with this modern world they are also present on a few other sites:

There's a fancy swanky VIP opening on Wednesday - if you want to do some "star spotting" then that'll be the night!

The obviously awesome Anna Dean (@annaspam), who is running the whole darn show (or the bits that seem to include getting the word out there), has kindly invited me to a special preview of the cinema this Thursday morning so expect a LOT of photos and oodles of video to be posted up on Flickr and YouTube!

See you at the movies!


  1. Psst, I don't think that's Anna Dean's twitter name eh. In fact I'm almost entirely certain it's not.

  2. LOL! Have removed ... see how much I have the finger on the pulse, 0/10


  3. What movies will be shown opening night/ week/ month ??

    Can't wait!!!

  4. Open 10am on Friday - what do you think the first movie will be Dirk - gotta be an icons Miramar-made filmm surely, no?

  5. He's how I see it, over school holidays it's got to be kids movies during the day, one for little ones, one for teens. Night can be back to adult movies (not them ones :) ).
    Reason being as this is a suburbs cinema we would want to attract the kids from Miramar, Strathmore, Seatoun, Rongotai, Kilbirnie, Lyall Bay etc over. Attract the locals in what they want to watch and you will have a good base.
    During the rest of the year just the normal releases.

    Movie to start with ...... Hollywood or Wellywood? Bad Taste gets my vote for sure ;)

    Now, are the cinemas 3D, its the future you know ;)


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