The Perfect Day In 1922

From the great blog Modern Mechanix comes The Perfect Day (Mar, 1922) which has these crackers amongst it (not all of which are daft):
3. Give yourself an air bath. That is, take off all of your clothes and give your skin a chance to breathe. This will not make you catch cold, but will keep you from catching cold. The

4. Take your morning exercises vigorously for five or ten minutes while nude.

5. Take a bath, and, if possible, wind up with a cold shower. Follow this by a brisk rubbing down with a rough towel until your skin glows with warm reaction.

8. Dress in clothes that are not too heavy and are not tight. Wear nothing that pinches.

9. Eat breakfast leisurely. Also cheerfully. Do not quarrel at breakfast. Start the day with a note of joy.

11. Do not hurry on your way to the train. In fact, do not hurry at all. Hurry implies a certain deficiency in your plans.

12. When you begin your day’s work at the office or the store, first of all make out a programme for the day. Whether you stick to it literally or not, it is a good thing to have always in your mind, as it prevents confusion and worry.

14. Whatever work you have to do, do it by the day. That is to say, do this day’s work the best you can and do not worry about the future, nor grumble about the past.

15. Go to bed at such an hour as will enable you to have eight hours’ good sleep before getting-up time.

Read the whole list and the scanned in original page at Modern Mechanix


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