Morning After

I love a good spicy tomato juice, there are never two alike, it's always a voyage of taste discovery, and sometimes the café people just let lose and go for it.And they are perfect 'morning after the night before' resuscitator.

Tom Beard On 1980 TV

The wee, innocent and slightly cherubic Thomas in the clip linked below* is now cavorting around town as @badtom ;-)

(of course I had to find the most salicious picture I could of him)

Anywho, click to see video from the mighty @NZOnScreen (thanks to @robyngallagher on Facebook for the initial video link)
The W Three Show - National Final

And as Robyn say, "If you don't know Tom, you can instead enjoy seeing future Minister of Education Lockwood Smith ask a question about the then current minister. Spooky."

* sorry, couldn't work out how to embed the video, maybe I can't due to copyright