It's Not Easy To Take A Stand Which Is Why I Admire Ben's Action

Being away on a wee family holiday has meant I've missed the furore around Paul Henry's dickhead comments on the TVNZ breakfast show this morning - the tweets alerted me that something had gone down though!

The chattering classes on Facebook and Twitter can rant and rave as much as they like though as it's really just the latest version of talkback radio ... and I suspect Paul Henry knows that.

I count myself, in this case, as a fully paid up member of the chattering classes ... hence this blog post.

Ben Gracewood is also a member of the chattering classes.
However he also had a pretty nifty spot on the same TVNZ breakfast show as Paul Henry showing off the latest tech geekery - here he describes what it meant to him:
It’s something I’ve loved doing more than you can imagine, both in terms of personal promotion, and the steady stream of incredibly cool technology I play with.

Awesome Ben and I am full of admiration of how you're standing up for your principles over and above anything else. You have shown that doing something takes more than talking about it.

Final words, that I echo, to @NZBen:
Do you know what made me quit? I wanted to say this, and then realised I was holding back: what a fucking cock that Paul Henry guy is.

Actually, last word really should go to Ben's wife who wrote this 'for him':
Paul Henry’s comment made me very uncomfortable as a New Zealander, and I don’t wish to associate, or be associated with people who make such comments. Although I doubt that my actions will in anyway influence someone such as Paul Henry, I do not wish to appear to condone his perspectives by my inaction.


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