Pop-up Shop Opens Today Tinakori Road

Parents connect initially via their kids (of course) but then the layers are revealed and you know what, some of the Mums and Dads have lives outside of their kids. I know, amazing eh!

AND, this being Wellington ("a small fishing village") where everyone knows everyone I had two recent "Ooooh, you're partner of X! I know Y who X works with" moments.

Anyway, here's such an example from Dianne of parents having a life outside of their kids AND knowing someone I'm passionate about seeing succeed:
Hi All,

Below is the info about I shop will be a guest designer on the 1st May and throughout April there lots of great work to go and see,

Might see you there,

Di. x

And the email she talks of, which includes the mighty Sue of Craft2.0 fame, is:


Wellington design labels Native, AQ Bags and Cath Baddeley Design have teamed up to launch the capital's latest pop up shop - also featuring 'guest spots' by around twenty other local designers and artists.

The pop-up temporary store - a popular concept overseas – will showcase Native's locally made designer clothing, AQ's unique handbags and accessories as well as jewellery and artwork by Cath Baddeley. Other guest designers - in-store for a day each - include Smudge, Stitchlips, Phoenix cards, We Got Knits, Imba, Citrus Green Gifts, Cahoral Clay Art, Taprobane, Sweet William, Zamm Lights, Cupcake Sweeties, Boocraft, Diane Massey-Molloy, Melissa Banks, Sue Tyler and Stitchbird. Artists Liz Ritchie, Jenny Sutton and Jessica Inkpen will also feature their works.

The store, at 302 Tinakori Road, will be open from this Tuesday 13 April to Saturday 1 May, Tuesday to Friday 10.30-4.30, Saturday and Sunday 10-3 (closed Mondays). To receive a calendar of the guest designer appearances, as well as an invitation to the evening event on Thursday 22nd, email kate@native.net.nz Or just come along and check it out!

There will be all sorts of clothing, bags, jewellery and other gorgeous pieces at hot prices.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Kate, Wendy, Lyndal and Cath

And if you're like me and wanted to know what a "pop up shop" is then check out:


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