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"feels far too small and fickle to be doing something so serious and grown-up as leaving NZ to live in USA"

Flickr: Mia and JoshNO! It's not about me, I am not leaving NZ ...

The title is a Mia tweet from which Mike Brown (he of Webstock fame) gained "the thread on which to hang the story upon" for his great Ignite Wellington talk. Courage is one thing, passion is another but there is also "trust to serendipity".

Good luck Mia and Josh on your adventures, have a bloody awesome time and, of course, we'll see you online as you report the serendipitous events that the gods sprinkle upon you.

Here's Mike's talk, enjoy.

Mia and Josh - Originally uploaded by mia.judkins


  1. Thanks so much Mike! I'm still absolutely terrified, but have been watching (other) Mike's talk over & over in an effort to bolster my confidence.

  2. Terrified is good for a bit, at least you know you're alive ;-)

    Following your travels from Miramar ...


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