How Can I Give You Money?

Before you plough in, the "you" I'm referring to is anyone that has a album out that I want to buy - Fat Freddys Drop's Dr. Boondigga & The Big BW for instance.

Here's the problem when I want to buy the album:
  1. I can now buy most albums in any number of ways:
  2. I want to buy it as cost effectively as possible (make it easy and cheap)
  3. I want to make sure the artist (Fat Freddys in this case) get the most money from my purchas as possible
  4. I don't how I can do '2' AND '3'
So, what do you suggest?

Really what I want to know is how on earth do I know what's best ... even if I could ask Fat Freddy would they know although they do link to Amplifier for you to buy it, maybe that's the deal)?!?!

All suggestions most welcome - leave a comment


  1. CD Store owners give money to the Maxim Institute which is an evil right wing think tank. So don't buy it there. Smoke CDs are good people but delivery is unfortunately really slow. That's my two cents.

  2. One of the download sites that does this very nicely is - you download whole albums at a very reasonable price - relatively large amount goes to the artist - and artists can work out their own recording arrangements (and I think the site as a say on quality standards) - no drm and no cross-border blocks. Of course it is largely limited to (high quality) indie music.

  3. You've answered your own question - Fat Freddy's link to Amplifier - they must be endorsing that sale. Amplifier are pretty good (altho it can be tricky to find the download link once you've paid).

    Digirama is another online music store - I think the only NZ-owned and based one.

    Online has got to be better for the band than a real life store.

  4. download it from PirateBay and send FatFreddie a cheque?

  5. I went with vodafone

    which was bloody annoying as the setting on those
    downloads to my phone meant i couldn't use the tunes as ringtones or alarms.

    in future i'd go to amplifier as that's where freddys linked to which i assume means that's who they are getting the best deal from.

    although i totally miss buying a cd, and in the case of freddys enjoying beautiful artwork

  6. I like Adrian's suggestion! But seriously, it would be good if you could buy music directly from the artists so they got maximum benefit.


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