What Would You Do With "Unlimited" Internet Storage?

Really, say it was NZ$50/year and you had 10 terabytes of space which you could increase in terabytes at an extra cost a $5
Note: this is all made up and I do not have such a service to offer you ... but it's coming, just look around ... believe me, it's coming.

What would you use it for?

For me I would have ALL my music online and available whenever I wanted it, no more choosing what the iPhone will store. Every music track I've ever bought. But that is temporary because it's all going online anyway; the concept that we will own a physical anything is gonna evaporate and we'll merely purchase the rights to play something wherever we are, whenever we want and however we want - streamed instantly to us.

But for now, ALL my music online.

And then it's every home video I've ever made is going up!

Possibly every DVD I've ever bought (LOTR will chew up a wee bit of space, but hey $5 and a terabyte back). But video is bound to go the way of music (it's just data, more of it granted but just zeros and ones).

And then what?

You might have all your photos (mine are already online at Flickr), a load of documents (we're online at Google Docs) and ... what, what is left?

So what would you use it for?
Let me know, leave a comment ...


  1. But then we have two problems... New Zealand copyright law allows format shifting music - but not video. So while it's legal to move your music content from one format (CD, Vynil) to another (digital) you can not do this with video.

    As you say these are just bits, but according to the very smart people who wrote our law you will be doing something illegal if you copy your LoTR DVD - even if it's just an innocent backup just in case the original gets scratched, etc.

    Then there's the broadband. Upload speeds in New Zealand won't allow you to move 10TB of data in a timely manner - not now or soon. And if it's not the speed it will be the cost of this data traffic. And the cost of the electricity needed to keep your PCs running while uploading all this...

  2. My wife already complains that my memory is shot and I'm driven by what my phone tells me I'm supposed to be doing. As other have suggested, the cloud becomes your memory. Where do you end and the cloud begin? Where do you end and others begin? I feel a new maths moment coming on.

  3. Things that cannot be replaced (photos or documents I've created) might be online - but wouldn't be the only copy in existence.

    Music, I suppose I already do that anyway, in a sense. Often times I'd rather just fire up last.fm than connect to my media server.

    And I suppose video might as well be there too. I don't make home movies and there are not a lot of films I watch more than once or twice. So with services like iTunes letting you "rent" movies from them for a fair price (and I imagine it will become cheaper as time goes on), maybe I'm already there if I want to be there.


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