Starlight Express for Skylight: Charity Preview - 30th June

Received this from the most awesomest community agency going, Skylight (yes, I used to work there):

Skylight is going into the New Year with great energy to makes as much of a difference to the lives of young people in New Zealand who are really hurting because of grief in their lives. One of our sources of energy for doing this is through a Charity Preview showing of Starlight Express - the fastest show on earth! We are extremely excited to be able to offer this opportunity.

I would like to encourage you to buy tickets for the June 30 Charity Preview at Wellington TSB Arena . Please nominate Skylight as your charity of choice. There will be 3,000 seats available in total so the more tickets sold for Skylight the more revenue we will generate. How does this happen?

The special price is just $50 per ticket. Plus, The Really Useful Group (Andrew Lloyd Webber’s company) and Ticketek have all waived fees and royalties. That means $45 from every ticket sold will go to the nominated charity. Skylight is one of three charities involved so be sure to mention 'Skylight' when you purchase tickets. Therefore the more sold on behalf of Skylight the more revenue will be generated that would enable us to provide more services to children, young people and their families whose lives are rocked by trauma, loss and grief.

This is how you purchase your tickets for this fantastic show:
  • All tickets must be purchased throught Ticketek
  • Bookings cannot be made via the internet. 
  • Phone bookings can be made by calling a dedicated phone number - 04 384 3842.
  • In person bookings can only be made from the Michael Fowler Centre Ticketek Box Office [map]. 
  • Purchasers must identify the name of their charity in order for the purchase to be allocated to your charity - Skylight!
  • As the only Wellington based charity we hope that you will support us in this fun event by purchasing tickets in our name and also pass this on to all your friends and colleagues. 
Should you want further information about this, the fastest show on earth go to

I hope you will do all you can to make this a great success for Skylight.

Bice, Chief Executive


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