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Alan Sugar Tells It Like It Is - Experts Know Naff-All

Top find from JimSIR ALAN SUGAR: The so-called experts know double naff-all
Since then, I have never allowed any so-called expert to advise me what to do with my money. Trust me when I tell you they know naff-all. If they did have some magic way of making money legally they wouldn't be dealing with you, they would be off making it for themselves.


Anonymous said…
Pffft. Hard-working entrepreneurs like him who've always put their livelihoods rarely take advice anyway. Whether that's a successful approach is another thing.

Investment specialists on the other hand *can* make money legally themselves but they can make even more by managing your money too so in theory you both profit. Economies of scale/critical mass/etc.

The tricky bit, as with all advice, is deciding what advice to take.
Anonymous said…
That meant to read "put their livelihoods on the line...". Obviously.