We All Agree The Climate Is Changing, But Not Why

It seems to me, talking to my more "climate sceptic" friends that even they now accept that the world's climate is changing and we're all in for a bumpy ride of it. If you're one of the very few that doesn't think it's changing, explain this without resorting to lies:

The whole of our planet's warming stripes from 1850-2022

Region: GLOBE
Date Range: 1850-2022 / Data Source: UK Met Office
Creator: Ed Hawkins
Licensor: University of Reading / License: Creative Commons Licence

And for the Kiwis, this is what we're looking like:

Aotearoa New Zealand's warming stripes from 1850-2022

Region: All of New Zealand
Date Range: 1853-2022 / Data Source: Berkeley Earth
Creator: Ed Hawkins
Licensor: University of Reading / License: Creative Commons Licence

And finally, here's the news for the Welsh

Wales warming stripes from 1850-2022

Region: Wales
Date Range: 1884-2022 / Data Source: UK Met Office
Creator: Ed Hawkins
Licensor: University of Reading / License: Creative Commons Licence

Ok, so it's as plain as the end of your nose that the climate is warming up, we're starting to see the affects of this in all sorts of ways around the world - go read the newspapers!

Why? Why is this all happening? I know of two credible explanations:

  1. We humans have changed the makeup of the atmosphere by our actions
  2. The planet has occasional changes and this is another one.

I'm one to hope that it is natural, heck it might turn out to be, and we're making all the efforts to amend our dirty wasteful ways for nothing, darn it ;)

I am also one wanting to leave a planet to my children and their peers that is understood better than my time. I find that the young 'uns are both pissed off with what we've all done and determined to move on (amongst having drinks, going to parties, and generally doing the stuff as we all did).

Understanding the world is massive, extremely complex and highly probably not something one person has ever or will ever be able to do. We rely on some very good people, people just like you and I, that have dedicated / fallen into being the most knowledgeable in certain areas. They don't always get it right, see they are just like you and me. Dedicated people take this not as a #fail but more of an annoyance and, sharing that way is dead, they move on to a new path.

We all do our best with what we're given. We have choices in what we read and watch, and we can all sit back and try and be like Einstein, and remember that none of us know everything!


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