Linux Is Easier To Install Than XP

A couple of people I know (and one on-line) has recently struggled with Ubuntu in ways I just never had to. My advice was (and still is) to go back to whatever worked and not worry about it - it's just software. When "they" (M$ normally) ask for money then re-evaluate.

Behind that was the nagging feeling that Ubuntu (the flavour of Linux they all tried) was getting a bad press ... not just bad press but unfair bad press, but I couldn't figure out why.

And then it hit me.
All of these people are normal people. They aren't uber geeks like I am, they don't want, care or worry about such things as software drivers, version numbers or patches.

They just want software that works.
And fair enough.

But they weren't installing a new screensaver, oh no. These guys had taken the fairly major step of installing an operating system. That's the whole kit and caboodle, everything a computer needs to run ... EVERYTHING.

And for some it just didn't work out and they were left stranded in a sea of geekery with software drivers, version numbers and patches to decipher. Nasty.

And that was the unfairness.
They had taken a pre-installed operating system, Windows and compared the experience with that of installing a whole new operating system, Ubuntu.

This is not apples with apples.
If you buy a Dell machine with Ubuntu pre-installed then you can compare the experience.
If you buy a computer with nothing on it (hard to do) and then install Windows (not upgrade, install) then you can compare the experience.

And I think you'll find Linux is easier to install than XP

And once you're over that then let me know why you'd want to go back to Windows :-)
And yes, that includes your Mum and Dad who, "Just want to use the computer" - it's easier to use Ubuntu than Windows!


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