RWC: Games gone by

Quick round up of the Sunday/Monday games with links to the blogs*

Oh, and how long do you think it'll be before I get told to stop using pictures from the Official IRB World Cup site?

Oh oh - and how annoying was that TV3 coverage? Especially the picture reception in the first half of the All Blacks game and then the general quality! I think I get a better picture via Joost (on the French TV5Monde Plus Rugby channel - all live, in French and on my PC)

Official World Cup: Wales v CanadaPool B: Wales 42 Canada 17
After a tiring day I settled into the sofa, covered myself up in the duvet and settled back for my 'second game of the weekend'. And I'm glad I stuck with it otherwise I would've gone to sleep with a headache. A win (thanks to the experience substitutes) but not convincing.

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Official World Cup: South Africa v SamoaPool A: South Africa 59 Samoa 7
I drifted in and out of sleep and can't say I saw much - in fact I'm sure I was playing for one side or another in a dream. Little surprised that Samoa didn't manage to do either more damage and/or keep the score closer - I think the Boks are the All Blacks only real challengers.

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Official World Cup: Scotland v PortugalPool C: Scotland 56 Portugal 10
Saw nothing!

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Official World Cup: Ireland v NamibiaPool D: Ireland 32 Namibia 17
Awoke just in time to see the ref blow for half-time - aha, time for a coffee, get Meg out of bed and settle in the for the second half as I tootle through the house getting the Riversdales ready (Liz was already busy by taking Thomas The Car to the garage for 7am servicing [ooer missus]).

And what a game it turned out to be! Namibia played awesomely; heart, passion and other such cliches were in abundance. Just goes to show that anyone can really win on the day ... almost.

(Oh, and blame the Official World Cup site for the photo - none of Namibia in full flow!?!)

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* I'm not gonna link to the standard media (newspapers, TV and the like) - you can surely find those without my help!


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