RWC: Tonga squad, Hart with hope and here's to 2027

The Tongan squad was announced yesterday.

John Hart (ex-All Black coach that was vilified due to the 1999 All Blacks semi-final loss) is confident and names the All Blacks ability to change game plan and be the surpriser's not the surprised ... name me a Kiwi that isn't.

And Kiwi journo talks about 2027 and not letting it be 20 more years between RWC wins ... getting a bit ahead of himself I'd say.

The wee widget-y thing to the top right of the blog (pop over and see it if you're reading this in RSS) is coming along nicely and I'm now starting to hunt for good RWC/rugby blogs to link to - if you know of any others don't hesitate to drop a comment.


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