Google Reader - what you can learn about what you read

Before I used Google Reader as my RSS/Atom reader I had an idea of what I thought were my most popular items. I thought that I generally read Wellington-based blogs, a few bits of sport and some funny stuff from the UK.

However, Google Reader's trends page has changed that idea somewhat.

The following shows what I read the most:

... BUT ... it's not really reflectively of what I read as I scan a great deal. I whiz my way down the list looking for hooks within headlines. Of course Google Reader doesn't know that and dutifully marks each post as 'read'.

More instructive is the 'shared' items that I actively read and think is good enough for me to share (using the widget to the far right of the blog items - click here to see it if you're reading this in an RSS reader).

These 'shared' items are a true reflection of what I read+value:

I've also put up the expanded list for Top 20

So what do I read ("share") - the news, particularly sport, tech news ('toys for boys') and photo's. That's what I like. Towards the bottom of the Top 40 are a few of my favourite bloggers (Martha, Hard News, SunnyO, JonnyB ...) but really they're a lot less than I would've previously thought.

Another interesting set of trends is when I read:

My week off-line stands out doesn't it!

I build up until lunchtime and then it's all on later on in the evening - much to Liz's annoyance I suspect and definitely to be changed!

The weekend beckons ...


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