British newspapers

My folks are Daily Mail readers ... although to be fair my Dad has been asking Mum to change for quite some time now (we're taking years). The Daily Mail is crap.

And so, I'm gonna get a different paper each day for the next week and compare them before plumping for the newspaper of choice. Or not, because if they're all crap I'll stick to getting my news via the Web, TV and radio.

Oh. One thing. When did the broadsheets become tabloid size?
It just doesn't feel right ;-) But is so much easier to actually read.

So far I've taken the Independent and The Times. I thoroughly enjoyed the Independent as I thought I would it being the newspaper I read when I was here previously (1996 and before). The Time (on Saturday) was also pretty good and it took a while to read it all amongst the parties and kids.

Guardian/Gaudrian on Monday and then work my way (for a laff) through the scandal papers before settling on the choice of the Riversdales.

Once that's done I'll start on the weekend papers and in particular which of the Sunday writings to take (these are designed to last until the middle of the following week so have to be of a particularly high standard).

Oh pt 2. Another thing we've pleasantly come across (!) is the giving away of free DVD/CD's. Awesome. Jack has a complete collection of kids DVD's that Betty collected for him and yesterday a complete and unabridged audio book fell out of The Times. Wicked.


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